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Adresse Berghotel und Gasthof Marlstein
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Member of Farm Holidays

For years, we have been members of and this is also the way we live up here. It is our pleasure to show our guests what it means to be living in the countryside.

Wellness and vitality begins in the mind. And with us in Marlstein.

Due to the special altitude, the mild, healthy, stimulating climate and the excellent air in Marlstein, far away from all roads, your vacation will have a special feel-good effect. But we, the innkeepers and host, also do our best to make your stay here with us in Marlstein, a healthy and vital experience that is long lasting.

The water flowing from the taps in Marlstein rise from our own spring in the mountains at 2.300 m (7.500ft) above sea level and are, according to the strict audit reports from the Austrian Institute for Hygiene, extremely pure, mineral-rich and of excellent quality. Those whot drink plenty of Marlstein spring water during the day, treat their bodies demonstrably well.

We also take responsibility for our sewage: Our family built a fully biological sewage plant that ensures that our countryside, our meadows and streams purities are preserved. This plant is also constantly checked by official authorities. Furthermore, the sustainability of all our investments in protecting our natural environment is confirmed and praised over and over again.

And of course, it is a naturally understanding as farmers and host, that we only use organic quality products in our kitchen. Meat, bacon, sausage, milk and eggs come from our own farm. And we know that our cows and oxen are fed very well, are nurtured and cherished as one could only wish for. This can all be seen by the quality of the products. And it goes without saying that we procure only vegetables and fruits from the best known farmers in the region. So a varied, natural and healthy diet is a given hospitality at Marlstein. Our guests truly love our healthy and tastefully food.

By the way: Our mild bracing climate, combined with the excellent diet and the pollen/dust-free air of Marlstein, offer perfect prerequisites for a relaxing vacation for all allergy-prone people!