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Adresse Berghotel und Gasthof Marlstein
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Member of Farm Holidays

For years, we have been members of and this is also the way we live up here. It is our pleasure to show our guests what it means to be living in the countryside.

A beautiful place for short vacations
that goes without saying.

In 1997, we decided to build a small chapel in an exceptional place here in our beautiful idyllic hamlet Marlstein, at 1,800 m (5,900ft) above sea level. As a token of our appreciation for the many years that Marlstein has been our family home and for the happiness that we experienced - even in difficult times.

Enjoy the days at Marlstein and maybe you will find also time to visit, apart from all the vacation attractions and natural beauty, our Chapel "Maria with the Stone." Simply allow yourself to have time for this pleasure. The views and insights, the stylish minimalistic features, the works of art in the chapel, the wonderful location ... You will see, everything will bring strength to your spirit and soul.

Ideal for small devotions, weddings, baptisms or other celebrations....!!